About the Artist


photo by emilie inc.

I’m a lifelong artist who began to explore my artistic abilities at Western Reserve Academy in Hudson, Ohio, where I grew up. While I studied for only one year at The Cleveland Institute of Art, my creativity as an artist has continued to grow. A passionate painter, I work primarily in oils, but also enjoy working in watercolors. My inspiration for painting comes from the New England landscape and the Lake Champlain region of Vermont, where I spent my childhood summers. The dramatic changing of seasons along the Maine coast and the Lake Champlain valley capture my eye & draw me to my easel, where I generally complete a painting in one sitting. My work depicts scenes from my favorite places like North Hero, Mount Mansfield, Lake Champlain, as well as Maine’s scenic coastline.

227373_10150602354905294_3598629_nI moved to Portland, Maine from North Hero, Vermont in February of 2004 to dedicate more time to my artwork and to collaborate with my artist sister, Elizabeth. I now reside in South Portland, Maine with my wife Kimberly, daughter Avery and son Arlington (Arlie) and our 2 dogs & 2 cats.  I also work at Casco Bay Frames & Gallery in Portland.